Advait Infratech solidifies its standing in India’s renewable sector

In a significant development in India’s renewable energy sector, the government has revised the list of winners in its first auction for electrolyser manufacturing subsidies. After a major participant’s exit from the Indian government’s subsidy auction for electrolyser manufacturing, the revised incentives excluded two key companies, making way for other significant players in the Green […]

Redefining Female Leadership: Rutvi Sheth

Rutvi Sheth’s leadership at Advait Infratech is a prime example of how women are redefining the dynamics of the corporate world. Her initiatives for gender equality, mentorship, flexible working arrangements, and inclusive culture demonstrate a commitment to creating a workplace where women are not just participating but leading and thriving. Under Rutvi’s guidance, Advait Infratech is setting a […]

Advait Infratech Limited Unveils India’s Pioneering Green Hydrogen Microgrid System at THDCIL, Rishikesh

In Short : Advait Infratech Limited has introduced India’s pioneering Green Hydrogen Microgrid System at THDCIL (Tehri Hydro Development Corporation India Limited) in Rishikesh. This unveiling represents a significant step in harnessing green hydrogen technology for sustainable energy solutions, marking advancements in the country’s energy landscape. In Detail : Advait Infratech Limited, a prominent player in […]

Advait Greenergy bolsters leadership, appoints Mallikarjuna B as new CEO

Advait Greenergy has appointed Mallikarjuna B as its new CEO. He is known for his comprehensive understanding of the entire green hydrogen ecosystem, from PV plant sizing and power electronics to electrolysers, balance of plant, H2 storage systems, HVAC, dispensing, and fuel cell systems, including CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage) and Power to X technologies. He […]

Advait Greenergy appoints Mallikarjuna.B as CEO

Advait Greenergy, a pioneering leader in the clean tech and green energy sector, announced the appointment of Mallikarjuna.B as its new CEO. Mallikarjuna.B brings over 15 years of unparalleled expertise and a proven track record in renewable energy, strategic partnerships, and international business development to his role at Advait Greenergy. Mallikarjuna.B joins Advait Greenergy with […]

Reliance, Jindal among six firms to get incentives for making electrolysers

Reliance Electrolyser Manufacturing, Jindal India and John Cockerill Greenko Hydrogen Solutions are among the six firms who have emerged as successful bidders for getting incentives to set up facilities to manufacture electrolysers, a critical component required for green hydrogen production. The bids came in response to a tender by Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) […]