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At Advait Infratech Ltd., our primary goal is to provide value-added Stringing Tools for Transmission lines along with supply of goods and services for the transmission line stringing equipment of the Power Transmission Line Construction market.

This market is fragmented and needs help with issues including on-time delivery, honest pricing, single-point availability, quality assurance, and expert assistance.

Advait Infratech Limited has established its own internal production and government-certified testing facilities for the entire range of products, including the best stringing tools for transmission lines and opgw stringing tools.

We have also developed excellent plans for exports, after-sale support, and localising products in order to address these concerns.

Additionally, we are able to undertake a tailored third-party inspection both domestically and internationally. We have also arranged the Third Party Inspection arrangements in accordance with the demands of clients from across the nations.

We are one of the best leading global suppliers for stringing tools for power transmission and stringing equipment for overhead power lines, along with having an entire range of products under one roof at our warehouse in Ahmedabad.

We are committed to providing the highest quality product and services for all Transmission line Tools and stringing equipment for overhead power lines.

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    How do our Stringing Tools work?

    Advait Infratech provides the best stringing tools for transmission lines, designed to make the stringing process faster, easier, and more efficient. Each tool is built with precision and accuracy in mind, making it easy for users to achieve the desired results quickly.
    For example, the anti-twisting steel rope prevents the conductor from twisting during the stringing process, whereas the hydraulic compressor is used for crimping the conductors.

    Why Choose Advait Stringing Tools?

    Advait Infratech stringing tools are an ideal option for companies that need high-quality stringing tools for power transmission that are reliable, effective, and simple to use. Advait Infratech has a large inventory of the best stringing tools that can provide the perfect stringing equipment for any kind of project type.

    Our Stringing tools are made to function in a range of settings, including remote deserts, high-altitude mountainous regions, and all in between. Our team of professionals are always ready to assist clients in selecting the best stringing tools for overhead power lines and offer advice on how to use them seamlessly and successfully.


    Reel Stand for Pilot Reel

    Connector for Pilot Wire

    Headboard / Running Boards

    Drum Lifting Jack for Conductor

    Drum Lifting Jack for Earth Wire

    Swivel Joint

    Hydraulic Joint Machine/ Compressor

    Joint Protector

    Mesh Sock Joints

    Turn Table for Earth Wire Drum

    Rope Pulleys / Four Sheave Sagging Pulley / Equalizer Pulley

    Hydraulic Wire Cutter

    Chain Pulley Block


    Turn Buckle


    Sag Scope

    Spacer Cycle

    Ground Roller

    Ladder and Working Platform

    PP Rope/Nylon Rope

    Screw Type D Shackle

    Aluminum Alloy Gin Pole

    Motorized Power Winch Machines

    Drum Lifting Jack for OPGW