Welcome to advait infratech limited

Leading Sustainable Power Solutions and Green Energy Innovations.

Advait Infratech, empowering infrastructure since 2009, delivers tailored solutions for power transmission, substations, and telecommunication.

Our Vision

Advait Infratech envisions a future where sustainable and innovative infrastructure solutions power the world, fostering economic growth and environmental harmony.

Our Mission

Empowering a million lives with innovative solutions, unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit of India, and creating a meaningful impact on customers, employees, and society

Our Motto

Energizing Tomorrow, Today:
Advait Infratech is dedicated to pioneering sustainable infrastructure solutions for a brighter and greener future.

Learn About Advait

We stand as a leading global manufacturer in the industrial sector.

Advait Infratech Limited is an Ahmedabad-based company that offers robust products and end-to-end solutions for power transmission, substation, and telecommunication infrastructure and is diversifying into renewable energy in 2023. Founded in 2009, Advait Infratech specialises in stringing tools, ACS wire manufacturing, OPGW operations, ERS, turnkey telecom projects, live line installations, green energy, Alkaline and PEM Electrolyser System, Fuel Cell System, Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS), Hydrogen Blending System, and Hydrogen Storage Units, insulators, conductors, transmission line towers, stringing tools, power transmission, and substation services