Hydrogen Refueling Station

Hydrogen Refueling Station

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    Ms. Rutvi Sheth

    Configuration Option
    Filling Pressure H35 – 350 BAR
    H70 – 700 BAR
    H35 + H35: 350 + 350 BAR
    H35 + H70: 350 + 700 BAR
    H70 + H70: 700 + 700 BAR
    Flow Capacity Standard flow – (3.6 Kg/Min)
    High Flow (7.2 Kg/Min) – H35 Filling only
    Split flow configuration available
    Flow Meter Technology Coriolis mass flow metering
    Cooling Technology Printed circuit heat exchanger
    Fuelling Protocols SAE J2601
    SAE J2601-2
    Nozzle Options Multiple Nozzle and breakaway Configuration
    Dispenser to Vehicle communications Communicative and Non-communicative fuelling.
    Operating temperature Range -40 To +80 C