OFC Cables


High-speed internet access is now essential for consumers and organizations in the digital world. Due to its capacity to offer quicker data transfer speeds and improved connection, optical fibre cables (OFC) have emerged as the preferred option for sending huge amounts of data across long distances.
Leading producer of OFC cables in India, Advait Infratech Limited provides a variety of goods to satisfy the needs of people, companies, and governmental organisations. In this post, we shall give an outline of Advait Infratech Limited’s OFC cables, their characteristics, and their applications.

What are OFC Cables ?

OFC cables are fibre-optic cables that consist of one or more optical fibers enclosed in protective jackets for strength and durability. These cables are designed to transmit large volumes of data over long distances at high speeds using light waves. OFC cables provide superior connectivity and faster data transfer rates compared to traditional copper cables.

Features of the OFC Cables from Advait Infratech Limited


The OFC cables from Advait Infratech Limited are made to survive tough conditions, including freezing temperatures, dampness, and physical damage.


While OFC cables may initially cost more than conventional copper cables, they end up being a more affordable investment in the long term due to their higher performance and durability.

High-speed data transfer

Advait Infratech Limited’s OFC cables provide high-speed data transfer rates, making them ideal for applications that require large volumes of data to be transmitted quickly.

Superior connectivity

OFC cables provide superior connectivity compared to traditional copper cables. They are less prone to interference and signal loss, ensuring reliable data transfer.

High-speed data transfer

The OFC cables from Advait Infratech Limited have high data transfer rates, making them perfect for applications that send huge amounts of data fast

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    Applications of Advait Infratech limited's OFC Cables

    Advait Infratech Limited’s OFC cables are used in a wide range of applications, including:

    OFC cables are used extensively in telecommunications networks to provide high-speed internet connectivity and reliable communication.


    OFC cables are used in broadcasting networks to transmit video and audio signals over long distances.

    Military and defense

    OFC cables are used to provide secure and reliable communication in military and defense applications.

    Medical uses

    OFC cables are used in medical equipment to transmit images and data between devices.

    The Benefits of OFC Cables

    Compared to conventional copper cables, OFC cables provide a number of benefits, including:
    High-speed data transmission

    Compared to copper connections, OFC cables offer quicker data transfer speeds, making them the best choice for applications that need to send large amounts of data quickly.

    Superior connectivity

    OFC cables have lower sensitivity to signal loss and interference, ensuring dependable data flow.


    Compared to copper cables, OFC cables have a longer lifespan, making them a long-term investment that is cost-effective.


    OFC cables are the best choice for applications that require secure communication since they offer a dependable and secure method of data transmission.

    Our Manufacturing Facility

    M/s TG Advait India Pvt. Ltd. is a Joint Venture company between M/s TGC China & M/s Advait Infratech Ltd., Ahmedabad. (Advait). M/s TGC is supplying OPGW in India since the year 2011 to Power grid, GETCO, MPPTCL and multiple Public & Private Companies. M/s TG Advait India Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad, (TGA) is a Indian Subsidiary Company of M/s Jiangsu Tongguang Optical Fibre Cable Co., Ltd., China. (TGC). The Manufacturing plant of M/s TG Advait India Pvt. Ltd. is located at Sanad – II GIDC-Gujarat and is 35KM away from Ahmedabad.

    This factory is ISO-9001, ISO-14001 & ISO-18000 Certified. Our State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility has a capacity of manufacturing OPGW, OFC & ADSS Cables and is equipped with all the required Test & Measurement Equipment required for conducting Factory Acceptance Tests and as well as Type Tests.

    Our Testing Facility is NABL Accredited. And we are trained and Capable manpower to perform Type Tests of Fiber Optic Cable in our Premises under Indian / Internatational Standard.