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Welcome to Advait Infratech Ltd., your trusted partner for specialized earthing solutions tailored to the unique requirements of transmission lines and substations. Our expertise lies in delivering top-notch solutions, particularly in Copper Clad and Aluminium earthing. With a wealth of experience, we excel in addressing the challenges posed by highly lightning-prone zones.

Our proven track record extends across African, Middle-Eastern, South-East Asian, and CIS countries, showcasing our commitment to global excellence in the field of earthing requirements.

At Advait, customer satisfaction is at the core of our philosophy. In pursuit of this, we have established strategic partnerships with renowned OEM manufacturers such as Shaoxing Bailijia and Zhejiang Huadian. This collaboration empowers us to offer comprehensive Tower Earthing Solutions to Indian EPCs, ensuring the success of their transmission line and substation projects on a global scale.

We take pride in our ability to supply earthing materials directly from manufacturing bases, providing a competitive pricing structure. Our efficient supply chain allows us to deliver materials to the final destination or site store, catering to the specific delivery requirements while adhering to the complete technical specifications of our clients.

Advait Infratech Ltd. goes beyond product provision – we are your local service partners. Our dedicated team manages order execution, engages in day-to-day follow-up, coordinates and inspects at the factory, and handles shipments. We offer end-to-end hassle-free services, ensuring a seamless experience for our valued clients.

Choose Advait Infratech Ltd. for reliable, customized earthing solutions backed by a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

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    Copper Clad Steel Wire
    Copper Clad Steel Earth Rod
    Pure Copper Wire
    Galvanized Steel Wire
    Galvanized Steel Earth Rod
    Galvanized Steel Flat
    Earth Mats Copper
    U-Clamps Earth Rod
    Parallel Groove Clamps
    C Clamps Copper
    Lugs (Copper or Aluminium)
    Cross Clamps
    Exotheming Welding
    Observation Well
    Lighting Rods