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The OPGW Joint Box is a compact quadrangle-shaped Al-alloy closure that encloses Composite Fiber Optic overhead Ground Wire splices. It is designed specifically for steel towers and poles but can be installed on any aerial application.

It can be attached to high-voltage towers, poles, walls, or other support structures made of steel, wood, or cement.

The product is intended for the OPGW Segment to simplify installation and emphasize that OPGW installations constitute an investment in long-term infrastructure. Using Aluminium Die Casting and Pressure, our Optical Fiber Joint Box and Joint Box System is highly qualified for withstanding a free fall from a height of 15 metres and will play a significant role in lighting up the dark areas of the country for digital connectivity.

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    An OPGW Joint Box Is An Enclosure For Connecting Two Spans Of OPGW Cables To Provide Continuous Connectivity/Path For Digital Communication Over The Complete Transmission Line Route Length.

    The Joint Box Is Used As An Industrial Joint Box In The Power Transmission Line Segment. The Main Function Of The Small Joint Box Electrical Design Is Joining Two OPGW Drums And An Approach Cable Drum.

    We Are Among The Top Joint Box Manufacturers In India, Specialising In Producing Electric Joint Box Products. Our Extensive Experience And Commitment To Quality Make Us One Of The List Joint Box Manufacturers In India And Among The Top 10 Industrial Joint Box Manufacturers In India.


    Advait JB is type tested at NABL Lab as per Standard IEC-60794-1, and these tests have been performed:
    Sr.No. Test Description Standards
    1 Temperature Cycling Test EIA 445-20/IEC 60794-1-C 10
    2 Humid Heat test IEC 60794-1 or EIA/TLA 455
    3 Rain Withstand Test IEC 60060 or EIA/TLA 455
    4 Vibration Test IEC 60794-1 or EIA/TLA 455
    5 Bending and Torsion test IEC 60794-1 or EIA/TLA 455
    6 Tensile test IEC 60794-1 or EIA/TLA 455
    7 Drop Test IEC 60068-2-32
    8 IP 66

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