Media Coverages November 2023

Sankush Media Passionate in Marketing Advait Infratech Limited Forges Strategic MOU with Government of Uttarakhand and KPI Green Energy Limited to Develop Solar Power Park Project Advait Infratech Limited celebrates a milestone by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) under Regulation 30 with the Government of Uttarakhand and KPI Green Energy Limited. The collaboration, inked […]

Media Coverages October 2023

Iamrenew (Saur Energy) The Economics of Carbon Offset Markets: Trends and Future prospects The Economics of Carbon Offset Markets is an intricate and evolving field that demands a closer examination. Current trends suggest a growing interest in carbon offsetting as a means to mitigate climate change. As nations and corporations seek to reduce their carbon […]

Media Coverages September 2023

CXO Today How is Advait Infratech driving ‘Make In India’ with its innovative Emergency Restoration System (ERS), and what sets this indigenous solution apart? Advait Infratech is at the forefront of ‘Make In India,’ revolutionizing emergency restoration with its innovative ERS. Discover what makes this indigenous solution a game-changer in boosting self-reliance and resilience. […]

Media Coverages August 2023

Smart Grids and ERS: Pioneering the future of power restoration Green Energy Transition: Opportunities and Challenges for Sustainable Power Generation The article discusses the opportunities and challenges in transitioning to sustainable power generation using renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and biomass. It emphasizes economic growth, job creation, energy independence, reduced […]

Media Coverage – June 2023

Reducing Carbon Footprint with Carbon Credits: A Game-Changer for India’s Clean Energy Goals The article discusses how carbon credits can help reduce India’s carbon footprint and meet its clean energy goals. Carbon credits are a type of market-based mechanism that can be used to finance and incentivize activities that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The article […]

Media Coverage – May

The promise of green hydrogen for a secure and sustainable future  The article discusses the potential of green hydrogen to provide a secure and sustainable future. It cites a number of advantages that green hydrogen has over other energy sources, including its renewable nature and its ability to be stored and transported easily.  How Green […]

Media Coverage – April 2023

Advait Infratech Announces Collaboration with Jiangsu HuaDe Hydrogen Energy Technology To set up Fuel Cell Manufacturing In India. The press release was about the announcement of Advait’s collaboration with Jiangsu HuaDe Hydrogen Energy Technology to set up fuel cell manufacturing in India. Advait Infratech Limited Signs MOU with Jiangsu HuaDe Hydrogen Energy Technology Co. Ltd. […]

Media Coverage – March

The impact of green hydrogen on India’s energy security and sustainability The article discusses Green Hydrogen that has emerged as a promising solution for India’s energy security and sustainability. It talks about current security challenges and the opportunities presented by Green Hydrogen in overcoming those challenges. What makes India’s power transmission market a competitive […]

Media Coverage – February

February Update Post Budget 2023 Quote: Mr. Shalin Sheth, Founder, Managing Director, Advait Infratech Limited The post-budget quote by Mr. Shalin Sheth elaborated on the impact of Budget 2023 on the promotion of clean energy alternative – Green Hydrogen – how it will benefit India both in the terms of income gains as well as […]

January Update

January Update Why renewable sources like Live Line Installation of OPGWHow Optical Ground Wires are Building a Resilient Indian Power System is a step toward Global Decarburization The article emphasizes the importance of optical ground wires and how their use can result in resilient and cost efficient power infrastructure and help India to meet its […]