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Media Coverage – February

February Update

Post Budget 2023 Quote: Mr. Shalin Sheth, Founder, Managing Director, Advait Infratech Limited

The post-budget quote by Mr. Shalin Sheth elaborated on the impact of Budget 2023 on the promotion of clean energy alternative – Green Hydrogen – how it will benefit India both in the terms of income gains as well as sustainability – and what it means for the clean energy transition for India.

The Impact of Green Hydrogen on India’s Energy Security and Sustainability

The article elaborates on the current energy needs of India, its current ongoing gradual shift from non-clean energy reliance to better green alternatives of green hydrogen, governments initiatives in the direction of achieving clean energy through green hydrogen, economical-sustainability- energy security prospects of green hydrogen and challenge and associated opportunities to its execution.

Advait Infratech rewards shareholders with a 1:1 bonus

The press release elaborated on Advait’s 1:1 bonus issue gift to its shareholders, its growth trajectory so far, and its plan to plan out more such surprises for its shareholders in the future.

Advait Infratech Appoints Deepak Gupta As Head Of Operations

The press release talks about the new appointment of Mr. Deepak Gupta in Advait Infratech, his past experiences, and the roles and responsibilities in assumed by him in Advait as Sr. Vice president. The press release also quoted Ms. Rutvi Sheth and Mr, Deepak Gupta who individually expressed their thoughts about joining.

How acceleration of the GH2 economy can help India achieve net zero ambition

This article talks about renewable resources and their production. The basic purpose of this article is to discuss the impact of net zero emissions and the effects of the usage of fossil fuels and how it impacts the climate.