Rutvi Sheth’s leadership at Advait Infratech is a prime example of how women are redefining the dynamics of the corporate world. Her initiatives for gender equality, mentorship, flexible working arrangements, and inclusive culture demonstrate a commitment to creating a workplace where women are not just participating but leading and thriving. Under Rutvi’s guidance, Advait Infratech is setting a benchmark in promoting female leadership, proving that the path to business success and societal advancement is paved with diversity and empowerment.She is the Director, of Advait Greenergy Private Limited & Chief Marketing Officer, of Advait Infratech Limited
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How is Rutvi Sheth Redefining Female Leadership at Advait Infratech?

In the evolving landscape of global business, women are increasingly taking centre stage, redefining leadership with their unique perspectives and innovative approaches. This surge in female leadership is not just transforming companies but also reshaping industries.

The G20 EMPOWER Summit, held in Gandhinagar last year, focused on women-led development, marking a shift from solely women’s empowerment. Over 300 participants, including international delegates from G20 and guest countries, attended. The summit emphasized themes like education, women’s entrepreneurship, and women’s leadership at all levels, with a special focus on digital inclusion. India’s G20 Presidency highlighted women entrepreneurs and community leaders, scaling up best practices and increasing advocacy. Key initiatives included the TechEquity platform for digital and financial literacy and a mentorship platform. Inspirational stories and citizen engagement events further promoted the agenda.

Among all this, a dynamic leader, Rutvi Sheth, a trailblazer at Advait Infratech, is redefining the role of women in corporate leadership.

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