In a significant development in India’s renewable energy sector, the government has revised the list of winners in its first auction for electrolyser manufacturing subsidies. After a major participant’s exit from the Indian government’s subsidy auction for electrolyser manufacturing, the revised incentives excluded two key companies, making way for other significant players in the Green Hydrogen production sector. Amidst these shifts, a company’s steady progress stands out – Advait Infratech.

Advait Infratech, a rising company in the infrastructure and renewable energy sector, has successfully retained its fully awarded bid for 100MW/year manufacturing capacity. This achievement underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the renewable energy sector. The maximum incentive allocation of 1,480 million Rupees per year to Advait Infratech is not just a moral boost but a testament to the company’s capabilities and future potential in the energy domain.

“Our successful bid in this highly competitive auction is an assurance to Advait Infratech’s dedication to excellence in the renewable energy sector,” said Shalin Sheth, Managing Director and Founder of Advait Infratech. 

The government’s initiative, especially in awarding companies like Advait Infratech, aligns with the broader national objective of achieving energy self-reliance and sustainability. By fostering local manufacturing capabilities in electrolyser technology, India positions itself as a key player in the global Green Hydrogen market. This move is particularly significant as it dovetails with the global shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly energy sources.

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