In Short : Advait Infratech Limited has introduced India’s pioneering Green Hydrogen Microgrid System at THDCIL (Tehri Hydro Development Corporation India Limited) in Rishikesh. This unveiling represents a significant step in harnessing green hydrogen technology for sustainable energy solutions, marking advancements in the country’s energy landscape.

In Detail : Advait Infratech Limited, a prominent player in the renewable energy sector, is delighted to announce the successful completion and inauguration of a groundbreaking 300 kW Green hydrogen Production plant and 70 kWh PEM Fuel Cell at the THDC India Limited (THDCIL) office complex in Rishikesh. This achievement represents a significant leap forward in India’s pursuit of sustainable energy solutions and a cleaner, greener future.

The project, initiated on January 5, 2023, has been executed with remarkable efficiency, highlighting Advait Infratech’s unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions. The inauguration of this hydrogen plant on January 26, 2024, stands as a historic moment not only for Advait but also for the region and the renewable energy industry at large.

Key Features of the Hydrogen Plant

Advait’s pioneering microgrid system incorporates a 300 kWh Alkaline Electrolyser, capable of generating 50 kg of high-purity hydrogen during daylight hours. This hydrogen is stored in a state-of-the-art 24m3 storage tank, pressurized at 30 bar, ensuring its availability when needed. During nighttime, the stored hydrogen seamlessly powers a 70 kWh fuel cell, feeding energy into THDC’s grid and contributing to a more stable and sustainable power supply.

Advait Infratech Limited takes immense pride in being at the forefront of India’s green hydrogen revolution. This project exemplifies the company’s dedication to environmental sustainability and its determination to reduce its carbon footprint. The utilization of hydrogen-based energy systems is seen as the way forward in mitigating climate change and achieving a cleaner environment.

Shalin Sheth, Director of Advait Infratech, released a joint statement saying, “The inauguration of this cutting-edge hydrogen plant marks a big moment in our commitment to environmental sustainability and innovation. Our team’s dedication and expertise have made this achievement possible, and we believe it sets a precedent for the renewable energy industry.”

Mallikarjuna.B, CEO of Advait Greenergy Pvt Ltd, is excited to inform that “The Rishikesh hydrogen plant not only showcases Advait’s commitment to clean energy but also serves as an inspiration to others in the industry. It stands as a symbol of the company’s vision to promote sustainable practices and reduce the environmental impact of energy generation.”

Advait Infratech Limited extends its heartfelt gratitude to all stakeholders who have been a part of this journey. The company looks forward to continued collaboration and success in implementing innovative and eco-friendly solutions that benefit society and the planet.

Expanding Green Initiatives

In addition to the Rishikesh project, Advait Infratech Limited is expanding its green initiatives further. The company is proud to announce the establishment of an electrolyser & fuel cell local manufacturing facility in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, where it is eligible for the government’s Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme with a capacity allocation of 100 MW electrolyser. This initiative aligns with Advait’s ongoing commitment to integrating innovation and government initiatives for a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

Advait Infratech Limited remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of clean energy technology and contributing to a brighter, greener future for India and the world.

About Advait Infratech Limited

Advait Infratech Limited is a leading player in the renewable energy sector, specializing in cutting-edge technology solutions for sustainable energy production. With a commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation, Advait is at the forefront of India’s transition to a greener, cleaner energy future.

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