November Update

How Optical Ground Wires are Building a Resilient Indian Power System

India is one of the rapidly growing economies of the world, as well as developing countries. The rapid development has come at a cost and it is facing serious power shortages especially during peak hours. Read on to know how Optical Ground Wires is a solution that can address this problem.

Why renewable sources like Live Line Installation of OPGW is a step toward Global Decarbonization

“Although the “”Live Line Installation of OPGW”” technique is costly, it reduces capital and operating expenditure for infrastructure development. It also has high-power rate, which is required for high-breaking capacity grids. Moreover, coupled with land limiting property, live line installation guarantees a large scale renewable energy power for the future.”

Game Changer Aluminium Clad Steel Wires: Bringing “Resistance” to the power supply chain

The use of aluminum – especially for alternating current power transmission and distribution – is becoming more prevalent thanks to the development of new lightweight conductors, the engineering acumen of smart people, and rising electricity prices.