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Media Coverage – August

August Update

Green hydrogen production: Why India can be the next pioneer in this sustainable energy alternative

India still has a lack of sustainable resources in terms of power, water and food. But, through the use of green hydrogen production, India can potentially solve India’s problem! Learn more about it in this article

How Installation of OPGW systems are Alleviating Power Supply Chain Headaches

The growth of renewable energy is increasing demand for back up power. OPGW helps stores and transport electricity efficiently, creating a sustainable energy demand.

With Integrated Power Infrastructure Solutions, Advait Infratech Is Revolutionizing The Power Sector in India

When a power outage occurs, we’re not just inconvenienced; we’re at risk . The air conditioner stops running, the food and milk become spoiled, and there’s no light to rely on. Emergencies like this can happen at any time in any neighborhood. This is something that nobody wants to experience, but some unfortunate communities are experiencing it more than others.