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Advait Infratech is ranked among the top three players in the segment of insulators, OPGW, and stringing tools in India and is a prior choice for leading EPC players in India for product solutions for overseas projects.

Initially, Advait Infratech started by providing liaisoning and supply services to global companies to cater their products and services for projects in India and overseas. Their unprecedented expertise includes supplying glass and porcelain type disc insulators, composite long rod insulators, bus post insulators, HV transformers, GIS, OPGW, HTLS conductors, transmission line towers, stringing tools, and tackles. Today, Advait also acts as a bridge between suppliers and customers, providing trusted end-to-end solutions to customers worldwide.

Advait is currently associated with leading manufacturers in the power transmission and substation industry and making a foray into the clean energy segment by functioning as a Green Hydrogen Integrator and has the potential to make valuable contributions to the National Green Hydrogen Mission.

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Aluminium Clad Steel Wires (ACS wire)

acs wires

Emergency Restoration System (ERS)

Stringing Tools

Joint Boxes

Optical Ground Wires (OPGW)

Optical Fiber Cables (OFC)