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Emergency Restoration System (ERS)


Electrical Transmission is hampered by transmission tower failures, resulting in a tremendous amount of cost for utility companies, electricity generating companies, and electricity supply companies. Taking the time to design and build the new structures would increase the magnitude of the loss.


The best emergency restoration system manufacturers in India is an excellent solution to start electricity transmission within the shortest possible time since it quickly creates a temporary bypass system.


In collaboration with CSIR-SERC, Chennai, our technology partner, we have developed an indigenous and cost-effective technology of emergency restoration system (ERS) suitable for transmission lines of voltages from 33kV to 800kV.

And we are proud to say it is the first system under the Make-In-India emergency restoration system initiative to be developed indigenously and complying with all the international standards.

Be Prepared for Disasters - Rapidly Restore Power Lines with Advait ERS

The Advait Emergency Restoration System (ERS) is a cutting-edge technology designed to rapidly restore power lines in the event of disasters. Disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and wildfires can cause widespread power outages, leaving communities in darkness and without access to necessities.


The Advait ERS system is a modular system that can be rapidly deployed to affected areas, allowing power companies to restore power lines much faster than traditional methods.


With its innovative design, the Advait ERS system can help bring normalcy back to affected communities faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Advantages of ERS over Traditional Restoration Methods

Advait ERS is a game-changing technology that can rapidly restore power lines after disasters. Compared to traditional restoration methods, Advait ERS offers several advantages. 

This table compares the advantages of Advait ERS with the traditional power line restoration methods.


Emergency Restoration System

Traditional Restoration Methods

Rapidly deployable

Can take days or weeks to deploy

Modular system

Requires extensive equipment

Designed for resilience

May not withstand extreme weather

Quick restoration time

Can take days or weeks to restore





Based in India, our emergency restoration services are inexpensive when compared to those already on the market.

System Components

Codes and Standards

Design - We provide the latest ERS system software to model and apply loads according to the latest codes and standards, such as IS 802 and IS 5613. This helps the customers to finalize the guy's requirements as per the site conditions.

Qualification – All our modules meet the criteria of the standard IEEE 1070:2019 for the following tests -

Manufacturing Facility

To maintain the highest quality standards of Aluminium Modules, we utilize the best tools and machinery available in the industry to create the best Indian ERS systems. The modules we fabricate undergo the production tests of IEEE 1070:2019. Our company has also developed a high-quality document control and management system, allowing us to provide our clients with all the necessary renewable energy and disaster response test reports, GTPs, etc.

Prospective Clients

Besides providing standard packages, we can also provide user requirement based packages to all the Government owned Electricity Utilities and even to Privately owned Electricity utilities. To name a few –