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Electrolyser Supply and Manufacturing

Advait Infratech is into business of providing products and solutions for power transmission, substation and telecommunication infrastructure since 2009.

We operate with various verticals such as Turnkey Telecommunication Projects, Installation of Power Transmission, Substation and Telecom Products, Liasioning – marketing and providing end to end solution to the customers. We also manufacture and supply capital stringing tools for construction of transmission line.

Our company has extended its verticals by venturing into manufacturing of OPGW (Optical Fibre Ground Wire), OFC cables, ACS (Aluminium clad steel wire), ERS (Emergency restoration system) and OPGW Joint box.

We are proud to introduce the newest addition to the AGPL family – our state-of-the-art electrolyser manufacturing/ assembly unit located at Kadi, Gujarat.

• Equipped with cutting-edge technology and backed by years of industry expertise, this facility has a remarkable capacity of 250MW which will be developed in three phases, positioning us as a leading provider in electrolyser production.

• Our commitment to sustainable energy solutions drives us to produce high-quality electrolysis systems that enable the efficient production of hydrogen, a clean and versatile energy source.

• With our advanced manufacturing capabilities and stringent quality control measures, we strive to meet the growing demand for electrolysis solutions worldwide.

• Join us on this exciting journey towards a greener future as we revolutionize the hydrogen industry with our new electrolyser manufacturing/ assembly unit.

One of the key benefits of Green Hydrogen electrolyser technology is its flexibility. It is used in a variety of settings, from small-scale hydrogen production for individual homes to large-scale industrial applications.

The technology is also used to store excess renewable energy generated during periods of low demand, which is used to power homes and businesses when demand is high.

To be a leading global company in the power transmission and telecommunication sector contributing to nation-building.

  • Empower a million lives through sustainable, competitive, and innovative products and solutions.
  • Unleash the Indian entrepreneurial spirit and realize the full potential of employees.
  • To understand, care and make a meaningful difference to customers, employees, society, and all stakeholders.

About Us

Director’s Message

It’s easy to say, “I can do it”. But those who persevere don’t just say it – they do it and they live it. Success for me is still a distant reality and there are miles to go before I sleep.

We cultivate talents and genius here but I certainly believe persistence and determination alone are omnipotent ingredients for Advait Infratech. It is with this belief that I planted the seed of Advait Infratech Private Limited in 2009. In the last decade, we have had a remarkable journey. From a trading and consultancy company, we have moved to be marketing pioneers in manufacturing and EPC operations.

With Advait getting listed on the MSME Board of Bombay Stock Exchange in 2020, we have taken a huge leap in our operations and performance. With the brilliant team at Advait, we aim to be a world-class leader in businesses that enrich lives and contribute to nations in building infrastructure through sustainable value creation whilst creating benchmarks in the field of power transmission, renewable energy, and telecommunication.

Mr. Shalin Sheth

Green Hydrogen electrolyser modern technology is used to produce hydrogen fuel cells which easily convert hydrogen into electricity. When a hydrogen atom is fed into a fuel cell, it combines with oxygen to produce water and electricity. This process is highly efficient, with fuel cells converting up to 60% of the energy in hydrogen into electricity, compared to just 25-30% for internal combustion engines. Green Hydrogen electrolyser technology helps to address this challenge by allowing excess renewable energy to be stored as hydrogen, which can then be used to generate electricity when needed. This enables the use of renewable energy on a much larger scale, making it possible to power entire cities and regions with clean energy.

Management Team

Rejal Sheth

Chief Financial Officer

Vimal Pandya

Vice President-Operations and BD Renewables

Parth Gandhi

General Manager BD - ACS and TG Advait

Sadhana Singh

DGM Overseas

Rejal Sheth

Chief Financial Officer

Vimal Pandya

Vice President-Operations and

BD Renewables

Parth Gandhi

General Manager

BD - ACS and TG Advait

Sadhana Singh

DGM Overseas

Bhargav Joshi

Asst. General Manager

Plant Head & Tools

Aakash Shah

Head- Finance

Dipesh Panchal

Company Secretary

Sneha Christian

HR Head

Rutvi Sheth

Director of PR and Communications


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Testimonial #1 Designation

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Testimonial #1 Designation
Vimal Pandya Chief Operation Officer
Sadhana Singh Business head Overseas
Bhargav Joshi Business head Tools

Sneha Christian Head HR

Rutvi Sheth


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