Advait Infra

Optical Ground Wire Fibres

Advait Infratech is into business of providing products and solutions for power transmission, substation and telecommunication infrastructure since 2009.

We operate with various verticals such as Turnkey Telecommunication Projects, Installation of Power Transmission, Substation and Telecom Products, Liasioning – marketing and providing end to end solution to the customers. We also manufacture and supply capital stringing tools for construction of transmission line.

Our company has extended its verticals by venturing into manufacturing of OPGW (Optical Fibre Ground Wire), OFC cables, ACS (Aluminium clad steel wire), ERS (Emergency restoration system) and OPGW Joint box.


Advait Infratech is a marketing partner of LS Cables which is one of the best cable manufacturers in South Korea and have extensive experience in business fields such as telecommunication, electric power, components & materials and machinery.

LS Cables are the world’s largest supplier of Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) including all the components that the system requires end to end. The technology used by LS Cables in the manufacturing of OPGW has demonstrated its high quality and reliability since 1986. Furthermore, the ongoing research in new materials and the experience gained ensure the continuous development of its products.



The basic material for XLPE is polyethylene, which is chemically transformed to cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) through the cross-link reaction of organic peroxides. The cross-link method for polyethylene was developed in the United States during the 1950’s and has since been continuously developed for application to higher voltages. Higher voltages are increasingly being required, and the 500kV XLPE cables have already been commercialized.

Optical Ground Wire Fibres

Optical Ground Wire, or OPGW, includes communication functions provided by the incorporated optical fibers in addition to the existing overhead ground wire which protects the transmission cables from lightning strikes and secures current flow in case of cable faults.

HTLS (High Tension Low Sag)

This type of conductors can be bifurcated into various types depending upon the application.

  • HTLS – GAP Type
  • HTLS – INVAR core
  • ACSS