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Aluminium Clad Steel Wires
(ACS Wires)


ACS, or Aluminium-Cladded Steel wire, is a conductor composed of an inner steel core and aluminium coating. Aluminium clad steel wire (ACS) wires are bimetallic wire with aluminium covered lines, covering the steel core continuously and evenly.

Advantages of ACS wire

Aluminium-clad steel (ACS) wire is superior to galvanized or aluminized steel in every way.

Application of ACS Wire

Aluminium-Cladded Steel wire is generally used for long-term transmission lines in coastal and island areas, other tropical and subtropical regions, dense fog regions, and highly polluted areas where corrosion resistance is required. As an alternative to galvanized steel wire, ACS wire is a game-changer due to its strength and corrosion resistance. ACS wires have been used in a variety of applications, including –

Major Applications

Armor Wire of OPGW

The Steel Core Of Conductor ACSR/AW

Messenger Wires

Other Application

Guy Wires


Barbed Wire

Grape Vineyards

Our Primary Customers

OPGW Manufacturers

Conductor Manufacturers

Hardware Manufacturers

Our Manufacturing Facility

Advait Infratech Limited has started a manufacturing facility near Kadi in Gujarat, India and we’re also aluminum clad steel wire manufacturer in India. The facility provides high-end quality products and maximum customer satisfaction in a 9000 square meter facility with cutting-edge production and testing technologies. Thanks to its superior combination of mechanical strength, electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and relatively lightweight, ACS wire specifications have become the material of choice for utility and industrial applications worldwide. 

The manufacturing facility has advanced Drawing machines with 9 Head Vertical shafts and another with 8 Head Horizontal shafts, which gives versatility in manufacturing range to us from the smallest diameter size with the highest strength of 1700 MPA PLUS can be achieved. In addition, we have an in-house stranding facility with a 14+1 configuration which can strand up to 19 strands of aluminum-clad wires and cables produced with maximum speed ensuring quality.

Our Manufacturing facilities

Upon entering the testing facility, raw materials, in-process samples, and finished products are subjected to stringent quality standards following ISO 9001:2000. In addition, we have advanced automated UTM with a load range of 500 KN and a gauge length of 250mm. 

Our facility is designed for precise manufacturing of ACS wire which is ensured by an intelligent video measuring machine that can check with 130x magnification achieving accuracy up to 2 microns. We have an industry-leading warehousing facility that stores raw materials and finished goods. Our goal is to ensure the optimum utilization of our resources by having highly experienced and skilled personnel.

Factory Size
Production Capacity
tons ready-made clothes
1000 sq m
Factory Size
1000 MPA
1000 tonns per Annum
Production Capacity
IACS 40 1000
Max Conductivity